Coola Mineral Sunscreen Face SPF 30 ‑Matte Tint

My most recent test is Coola Mineral Sunscreen Face SPF 30 ‑Matte Tint.


I received a .17 oz. sample to try.  The 1.75 oz. full product sells on Amazon at the Coola store for $34.20.  A little steep if you ask me, but it’s worth a shot.  If a product is worth it, I will most certainly spend the money.

This matte tint sunscreen says that it is a Natural BB Cream with a sunscreen of SPF 30.  I normally like at least an SPF of 50 for my face, but I was intrigued to try this BB Cream.   Even though it is now Autumn, and I usually like BB Creams more in the Summer months, I figured it could make for a nice base for weekend makeup.

I tried the cream on a naked, freshly washed face.

Uggh….not loving this at all.  Absolutely no coverage at all.  Although I don’t expect full coverage, I do expect at least a little coverage from a BB Cream.  When I applied it, I saw absolutely no difference in my skin.  Thumbs down on this one, ladies.

I hope I have better luck with the next sample.


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